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Business Start-up

Business Start-up

A business in start-up should be an exciting time, not one of stress of the unknown.

Business Start-up
Grow your Business

Grow your Business

Do you want to grow your business? Are you looking to expand, increase revenue and grow your profits?

Grow your Business
Expand your Business

Expand your Business

Do you plan to expand your business into new locations? Perhaps you'd like to franchise, or take on licensees?

Expand your Business
Protect your Assets

Protect your Assets

As important as acquiring assets is the need to protect them.

Protect your Assets
Exit your Business

Exit your Business

Have you considered all the possible reasons why you might exit your business, and have you put a contingency plan in place for it?

Exit your Business

May 2013 - Budget Edition

In this issue:

  • Tax changes affecting Individuals and Families
  • Capital Gains Tax changes
  • Superannuation changes
  • Tax Administration changes – various funding to the Australian Taxation Office
  • Other measures

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The 2013-14 Federal Budget

The 2013-14 Federal Budget was handed down on 14 May 2013. The Budget was fairly moderate and, like the 2012-13 Budget, is designed to set a pathway towards a surplus in the future.

The main focus of the Budget is to protect the corporate tax base from international profit-shifting and erosion, close certain loopholes and better target certain tax concessions. However, there are changes that affect everyone.

Tax changes affecting Individuals and Families

  • Change to Medicare levy low income thresholds from 1 July 2012
  • Changes to HECS-HELP 
  • Phase out of net medical expenses tax offset
  • The end of the Baby Bonus and new family payment arrangements
  • Deferral of increase in tax-free threshold 
  • Certain disaster payments to be exempt from income tax
  • Capping of work-related self-education expense deductions

Capital Gains Tax changes

  • CGT and Non-residents - further changes
  • CGT and native title benefits

Superannuation changes

  • Reduction of higher tax concession for superannuation contributions of very high income earners
  • Reforms to excess contributions tax
  • Higher concessional contributions cap
  • Low income superannuation contribution

Tax Administration Changes – Various funding to the Australian Taxation Office

  • Trusts and Tax Avoidance
  • Extension of monthly PAYG instalments to other large entities 
  • Increased compliance checks on offshore marketing hubs and business restructures
  • Expanding data matching with third party information
  • Enhancements to Standard Business Reporting, Australian Business Register and ABN administration 

Other measures

  • Tax agent services licensing regime
  • Establishment of Tax Studies Institute and Tax System Advisory Board

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